Swiss: Natural Beauty

Suryani looks so happy in Mt. Titlis
  Europe has many tourist destinations such as Britain, Italy, France,Italy, or Spain. Some say Switzerland or Swiss is less popular in the eyes of first-time tourists who want a vacation to Europe. Though Switzerland has incredible natural beauty like Mount Titlis. Swiss is a country famous for its cheese, chocolate, watches and dairy products can be found almost worldwide. Although not a popular tourist spot in Europe, I still have a dream to go there.

Highly recommended we go to the village of Engelberg to climb the peak of MountTitilis with the cable car that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, with an altitude of 3020 feetwhere eternal snow always been there throughout the year. Here you can play as much snow on the patio, visit the Ice Grotto (Ice Cave). Do not miss the opportunity to take pictures with the traditional Swiss clothing in the top of Mount Titlis. After that we are to the city of Lucerne to buy the famous Swiss-made watches.

Did you know, St. Moritz is a city that is very sensational because it is the highest town in Europe, the city is nicknamed "Queen of the Alps" and the famous ski European aristocratic family. Do not forget to visit Zurich, a very metropolitan city in Switzerland but still keeping the typical classical European exoticism that is very romantic. If you dream of Paris as a place to honeymoon, the Zurich can also be a major alternative.
St. Moritz, Majestic View
Alpine Mountain is also very well known and can be enjoyed from the town of Interlaken. There is also a small town with a unique Gstaad homes with typical Swiss architecture made ​​of wood, called chalets. The city is a gateway to Glacier Mountain 3000 which succeeded in attracting many tourist.

Glacier 3000 ski resort is covered with eternal snow throughout the year. You can ride the cable car to reach up to 3210 meters. You also should not forget to visit the beautiful Mount Jungfraujoch. This mountain is the highest mountain in Europe, 4158 meters high.

Geneva is the largest city in Switzerland which is also the center of various international activities. In this city there is the United Nations building and the building of the Red Cross center.

You will really enjoy the beauty of Geneva because here there isthe Jet D'au fountain in the lake of Geneva, English Garden, and a magnificent cathedral. In this area you will see the Reformation Monument and Byron's Castle of Chillon.

Do not forget to visit Zermatt, at the foot of Mount Matterhorn. The city is very unique especially if you are supporting the Go Green program to Stop Global Warming, because of Zermatt is a pollution-free city with unique atmosphere and will be very impressive.

You can continue the journey by train to Mount Gronegrat or Mount Matterhorn by cable car to view scenery from the heights of the mighty Swiss.

Before you actually go on vacation to Switzerland, now imagine you're drinking coffee and eating a piece of chocolate cake and you wear a Swiss watch at a cool resort in the town of Interlaken.
Wow. I hope I can go there in near future.