Eternal snow on the Equator

Puncak Jaya, Papua, holiday in Papua
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Papua is not only known for the Raja Ampat (paradise for diving and snorkelling). You will be enchanted by the beauty and grandeur of a mountain called Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramided due to the very top of this mountain there was snow, but Puncak Jaya is located in equatorial or tropical regions. If you do not believe, then it's understandable.

 Jayawijaya Peak is the highest peak in the Sudirman Mountains (Sudirman Range) in Papua Province, Indonesia. Puncak Jayawijaya or Puncak Jaya has a height of about 4884 meters above sea level, allowing the mountain covered by eternal snow. Jayawijaya Peak is one of the snowy mountain peaks that exist at the crossing of the equator. You can find the same facts in the mountains of Africa and Latin America.

When viewed from the air, Puncak Jayawijaya looks like a black carpet that was covered by a white hood. If the sun is bright, the snow will reflect the blinding sunlight. The content of the ice in the mountains is expected to reach 5 percent of the world's ice reserves outside the continent of Antarctica.
Puncak Jaya view, snow in equator


Besides known as Puncak Jaya, the highest peak is also known as Carstensz Pyramided, or the Carstensz Peak. The name was taken from an adventurer from the Netherlands, namely in January Carstensz, who first saw the snowy peaks in the tropics, precisely on the island.

In 1623, a Dutch navigator John Carstensz is the first to bring the news to Europe of the existence of the ice caps in the tropical western equatorial geographiin c lines Papua New Guinea. The observation was made by Jan Carstensz through a ship.

 Since not be proved by direct observation, the report was considered absurd, because, for Europeans the discovery of the snowy mountains in the tropics considered as something almost impossible.

The results of the report responded with laughter by the public at the time. Finally, in 1899, three centuries later the Dutch expedition who was making a map on it confirmed what John Carstensz conveyed. Thus the name John Carstensz Puncak Jaya immortalized in his honour.
eternal snow on the equator, puncak jaya papua, puncak jayawijaya

Puncak Jaya is also listed as one of the top seven continents (Seven Summit), which is phenomenal and a coveted mountain climbers in the world. The peak is located in the National Park Jayawijaya Laurentz, Papua. Eternal snow on Peak Jayawijaya is one of three snow fields in the tropics that are in the world.

The presence of snow in the tropics or on the equator is impossible and difficult to be understood by the layman, but the Puncak Jaya or the Carstensz Pyramid (4884 m) is one of the snowy peaks in tropical country. The highest peak in South East Asia and the Pacific is located in the Sudirman Mountains series. Puncak Jaya is famous not only for its height, but also because there is a layer of snow on top.

Would like to be adventurous and hike tropical snow in Puncak Jaya? The surrounding scenery is very beautiful. Puncak Jaya climbing experience is an unforgettable memories throughout your life.



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