Gwyneth Paltrow adventure on Komodo, the island of the Dragon

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The ancient dragon in Komodo island.

Gwyneth Paltrow holiday in Komodo island.

The famous Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow apparently had just been to Komodo Island, Indonesia. This incredible experience she conveyed through her personal blog,  Gwyneth Paltrow says that her vacation to the island of Komodo is a dream come true. She said that, the natural beauty of the islands of the Dragon is a very exciting experience.

Paltrow visits was not related to his duties as an ambassador or filming purposes, but really for a vacation with her two children, Moses and Apple.

holiday in komodo island, komodo dragon, Gwyneth Paltrow in komodo island
Gwyneth Paltrow and her doughter. Image:
Do not just tell her first experience, she also uploaded a variety of images such as panorama of the island, food, and ofcourse the ancient dragon. Paltrow spent four days to sail to a point on the islands using traditional boats in it has made a five-star hotel facilities made by local people.

"We got off the boat to go see the dragons and we were a little hesitant. Due dragons are carnivorous animals that can run up to 20 km / h," Gwyneth Paltrow wrote on her blog.

However, these doubts seemed to disappear when he saw two dragons with his own eyes. "They do not look so bad," Gwyneth wrote again. Apparently the two dragons were enchanted by the beauty and personality of the artist, so that the two dragons are not biting Gwyneth.

water ski in komodo island, komodo island adventure
Gwyneth Paltrow enjoy water ski in Komodo island
After a walk on the island of Komodo, Gwyneth with her two children indulges in sunbathing Pink Beach. Gwyneth Paltrow spent the afternoon at Red Beach (Pink Beach). This exotic beach gets beautiful colors of coral surrounding the island. You have to feel for yourself to enjoy the soft sand on the beach is unique.

In addition to Red Beach, Gwyneth also completes his vacation to the island of Banta. The artist and her two children enjoy Indonesian-style barbeque. They enjoy chiken satay and sweet tempe (made made soya bean).

This adventure becomes unforgettable memories Gwyneth on the island.

If seen from the photos uploaded on her website that, Gwyneth seems to also really enjoy the beauty of the island. Both children also looks very excited when jumping from the boat into the sea.

Gwyneth Paltrow barbeque in Komodo island, chiken satay, sate ayam, indonesian food
Gwyneth Paltrow and her excotic food in Komodo island
"I never imagined I would enjoy the dark sea at night, see the Komodo dragons in the wild, swimming with sea turtles is very large," She recalls. This ancient dragon has gives amazing memories for Gwyneth. Did she think to make a movie about the adventures on the island of Komodo?

Hollywood studios should have sent a team to this tropical island to study the condition of the island, and of course the studio must send the story and screenplay writer in order to make a great scenario. 

Do you have a talent as a novelist or a screenplay writer? You will enjoy as a writer for a vacation on the island of the dragon. You can stay in a very unique hotel in the island. Start your journey to Komodo island from Bali, the paradise on earth.


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