Romantic vacation on the beach

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Beautiful beach in Bali. Image:
If you just got married, then the beach is the best choice for a honeymoon vacation. There are many beautiful beaches and romantic in trending continent. If you receive a gift or a discount for hotel and flight where would you vacation?

In Asia, you can find beautiful beaches such as Kuta beach, Nusa Dua, Dreamland or Padang-Padang beach. If you ever watched the movie "Eat Pray Love" starring Julia Roberts, then you will see the beauty of the coast of Padang-Padang, which is now famous among honeymooners and tourists from various countries.

Beaches in Bali not only offers beautiful beaches, water sports lover you will be satisfied for swimming, diving, snorkeling or surfing on Medewi or Kuta Beach.

Pantai Senggigi, Pantai Sekotong, Lombok Island
Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Image:
Lombok Island, otherwise known as the sister island of Bali also has many beautiful beaches like Pantai Senggigi, Gili Trawangan area, Kuta beach also (on the island of Lombok is also a beach called Pantai Kuta). If you have been enjoying the culture, art and natural beauty of Bali, then I suggest you to cross to the island of Lombok by ferry, cruise or by plane. You will be happy holiday in Lombok.

If you want to find a hidden paradise, then you have to go to Pulau Wayag at Raja
Pulau Wayag, Raja Ampat, Diving in Raja Ampat
                                         Pulau Wayag at Raja Ampat. Image:

Ampat, Papua, Indonesia. There are many divers from all over the world because of venturing into Raja Ampat is very famous for its underwater beauty. Of course you will also find a romantic atmosphere in this tropical paradise.

All the beach that I mentioned earlier also provide hotel with rooms for newlyweds and you want to enjoy a romantic vacation. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset and a romantic dinner at all the beaches. Beautiful paradise awaits you.



JimmY said...

Bali is one of the most important tourist spot and numbers of tourist comes from all over the world for enjoyment and relaxing.
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TS Suites is HEEEL said...

So true, many place in Bali so beautiful and has a romantic scene. and Raja ampat is also beautiful