Get to know some words in Bahasa Bali

om Swastiastu, greeting in Bali, welcome to Bali
Om Swastiastu, greeting in Balinese word

Do you have plans for a vacation on the island of Bali? If you are in Bali, you may need to memorize a few words in Bahasa Bali (Balinese language). 

Mastering a few words in the local language can make you quickly accepted by the local community, but you will be happy in Bali. Balinese people are also known to be friendly to strangers or foreigners.

In Bali you can use English, and they also dominate Indonesian. Note: Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia, but Bali is a very unique area. You will discover many smile and peaceful and friendly people. 

 They are Hindu, unlike the rest of Indonesia is predominantly Muslim, and a few others are Christians, Catholics, Confucians, and Buddhists.

Balinese greeting, basa Bali, Bahasa Bali, Bahasa Indonesia
Balinese greeting
Balinese language, learn bahasa Bali, learn Balinese, belajar bahasa Bali
Balinese letter (alphabet).
Bali is also known for having a very high religious tolerance. Although more than 90 percent of the Balinese are devout Hindus, but the Balinese people of other faiths can live in peace and be familiar with the majority Hindus in this island paradise. In ancient times the king Bali even provides extensive land to the Muslim community, for example in Pegayaman village, Buleleng regency, North Bali. Until now they coexist peacefully and happily. Bali could be a living example of religious harmony.

Well, if you are in Bali you need to know the words of greeting when you meet people of Bali. Before you say Good Morning, then you should say hello: Om Swastiastu, whether you meet in the morning, afternoon or evening. You will be greatly appreciated by the people of Bali when you say Om Swastiastu.

Below you can memorize a few words and simple sentences or words in Bahasa Bali and Indonesia.

English                                         Indonesian                     Balinese
What’s your name?                     Siapa nama anda?        Sira pesengen ragane?
Where are you going?                 Anda pergi ke mana?    Lunga kija?
Where have you been?               Dari mana tadi?             Kija busan?
Thank you                                     Terima kasih                  Matur suksme
How are you?                              Apa kabar?                    Punapi gatre
Where do you stay?                    Tinggal dimana?            Ring dije meneng?
Beautiful                                        Cantik                            Jegeg
No problem                                 Tidak masalah               Ten kenapi  / Sing Ken ken
I am just joking                            Saya bercanda              Tyang mecande
I                                                     Saya                              Tyang
Here                                             Di sini                              Driki
There                                           Di sana                            Drike
This                                              Ini                                    Niki
That                                              Itu                                    Nike     
Sorry                                             Maaf                               Ampure      
Good morning                              Selamat pagi                  Rahajeng semeng   
Good evening                              Selamat malam               Rahajeng wengi    
Yes                                                Iya                                   Nggih                           
No                                                 Tidak                               Ten
Eat                                                 Makan                            Ngajeng
Sleep                                             Tidur                               Sirep
Take a bath                                   Mandi                             Mesiram

Here are numbers in Basa Bali from 1 to 10.
1.    Siki, diri
2.     Kalih
3.     Tiga
4.     Pat
5.     Lima
6.    Nem, enem
7.    Pitu
8.     Kutus
9.      Sia
10.   Dasa

Here number in Bahasa Indonesia from 1 to 10

1.    Satu
2.    Dua
3.    Tiga
4.    Empat
5.    Lima
6.    Enam
7.    Tujuh
8.    Delapan
9.    Sembilan
10.  Sepuluh

Note: The Balinese also has a letter (character) as owned by the Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Israel, India, Korea and other nations.

If you intend to learn the language and culture of Bali, then you will be content to stay in Bali. The more you recognize uniqueness of Balinese society with language, art, religion, customs and culture, then you will be more easy to learn various aspects of Bali. Perhaps you will be one of the writers of the book or novel about Bali.

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