Budapest, a beautiful and historic city

Budapest's famed thermal baths, thermal bath in Budapest, vacation in Budapest, historic city of Budapest
Championed first by the Ottomans, Budapest's famed thermal baths include the sprawling, baroque SzĂ©chenyi Baths in City Park  Image:
The best place for holiday  is not just Paris, New York, Bali or a safari in Kenya, Africa. You need to glance at a beautiful and historic town in Hungary, the Budapest. 

The city earned the nickname as the "Paris of the East". The city offers a slightly different atmosphere than any other city in Europe. Let's holiday in Budapest.

Budapest has many historical relics and cultural acculturation of the countries around it, so you'll find the city's buildings shape resembles the French and Austrian architecture.

Combined the two cities

Budapest is a combination of two cities: Buda and Pest separated by the River Danube (Duna), the longest river in the European Union (passing in six countries from Germany to Romania).

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Enjoy a cup of coffee in BudapestImage:
Budapest is known for because it has many historical monuments, more than 1000 years old. In this city you are fascinated by the many historical relics which still can enjoy, for example, many relics of Roman occupation era, even a remnant of the Turks during the Ottoman Empire which controlled Hungary from the year 1526 to 1686.

Character and atmosphere in Buda and Pest arguably have different characteristics. Nuanced atmosphere of medieval aristocracy are felt in Buda, along the road, housing, castles and museums. In Pest area feels more dynamic, you will see the parliament building, a busy commercial center, flea markets, antique shops, bookstores, and cafes, so you can enjoy food, wine or a cup of coffee and a delicious cake of Budapest. If you are vacationing in Budapest, please remember to visit the thermal baths, and you can enjoy a bath in Budapest style 

Three attractions in Budapest

The first, make sure you visit the Houses of Parliament, called Orszaghaz. This building looks magnificent in the city center and is the largest, most amazing buildings in Budapest. Orszaghaz is also one of the oldest legislative buildings in Europe and still functioning today. You may enter this magnificent building and you will see various works of art such as painting, carving, so it will add your sense of art. 
Orszaghaz, the Parliament Building of Hungary, orszaghaz, holiday in budapest
Orszaghaz, the Parliament Building of Hungary, day and night view. Image:
 The second keep in mind to visit Heroes Square, a vast field and historic. Heroes Square adjacent to the city park and flanked by two important buildings, Museum of Fine Arts and Kunsthale (Hall of Art). In the middle of the field you will see the Millennium Monument. This monument was built to commemorate and celebrate 1000 years of the Magyars (ethnic Hungarian native nation). 
Heroes Square, Budapest, holiday in budapest, historic city
Heroes Square, Budapest. Image:
 At the center of the pillars stands a statue of the angel Gabriel who brought the holy crown, and two pieces of the cross as a symbol of Christians. On the left and right side of the pillar you will definitely discover the statues of the kings and various other important historical figures.

Lastly, you should not forget to visit the Basilica of St. Stephen, a major church in Budapest is built with neoclassical architecture, an important achievement of world architecture. The dome of the church is very high, reaching 90 meters and is decorated with a mosaic of ancient Turks. In the chapel, you can see the remains grave right hand first Hungarian king, St. Stephen.
Basilica of St.Stephen Budapest, Church in Budapest, holiday in hungary, vacation in budapest
Beautiful architecture and ornament in the Basilica of St.Stephen. Image:
Hungarian citizens are very proud of the beauty of their city, the diversity of its people, their knowledge and developments in the field of music, and even make a great contribution to European culture.

 They are also proud of their native language. Magyar language is unique and has the distinction of languages ​​that developed in Europe such as France, Britain or Russia. Their language is also one of the official languages ​​in the EU Community. Budapest is a beautiful city that deserves your visit in the future.