World Class spa in Bali

Holiday in Bali and enjoy one of the world's best spa in paradise
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Spa and unique body treatment in Bali. Image:

Bali is not only a haven to enjoy the beauty of nature and traditional art or unique culture. Now, the island is also famous as a destination for world-class try different treatments. 

Bali is a fantastic place for the world's best spa and body treatments on the island is not just relying on services and prescription ingredients or spa or massage oil for the body, but also because of the atmosphere which is had been created by the owners of the spa that combines natural beauty, architectural Bali and various elements of the unique Balinese culture.

Bali is a a romantic island, and you can feel the romantic atmosphere in a variety of resorts, villas or hotels which is pampered with ocean or the beauty of the valley and the hills, the sound of the river, even your great opportunity to enjoy the sunset.

If you're on a honeymoon, then invite your spouse to enjoy a spa in Bali. Both of you will feel how wonderful your honeymoon, and you will never forget throughout your life. There are many romantic villa and hotels also provide spa facilities in this beautiful island. 

world class spa in Bali, the best spa in Bali, spa in Bali, honeymoon, holiday in Bali, Ayana resorts, spa resorts hotel
Honeymoon couples enjoying the spa in Bali.  Image:
You do not need to be affected by the composition of the following numbers for various places such spa has been recognized as a place with outstanding service, also uses a variety of recipes and ingredients which is natural and safe spa for skin health and your body.

1. Ayana Resorts & Spas

You can find Ayana Resorts & Spa in Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, south of Bali. Ayana Resort & Spa was awarded as the best spa in the world of readers of U.S. magazine Conde Nast Traveler. One treatment that is well known in the Ayana is Spa on the Rocks, a spa villa which was slightly below the cliff Ayana Resorts. While undergoing the spa you can, looking at the vast Indian Ocean. You will feel the sensation of the sea breeze that will take you to the seventh heaven.

2. Four Seasons Resort

world class spa in Bali, the best spa in Bali, spa in Bali, honeymoon, holiday in Bali, Ayana resorts, spa resorts hotel
Spa sensation in Four Seasons. Image:  
Four Seasons Resorts locations also exist around Jimbaran Bay, South Kuta, and Bali.

At the Four Seasons Resort, you can enjoy various types of spas that make you can enjoy a variety of natural beauty, ranging from the ocean to the waterfall. Most of the treatments carried out in the open, so that you enjoy the natural beauty of Bali without limitation.

3. Heaven & Earth Spa, The Mansion Resort

You'll find Heaven & Earth Spa, The Mansion Resort at Jalan Penestanan, Sayan, Ubud, a beautiful village in the middle of the island of Bali. Ubud is known as an art village with hotel facilities, museums, yoga practice, and a place to learn to paint, and even learn to cook, but Ubud is also known for having some of the famous spa places like Heaven & Earth Spa. This beautiful spa area was awarded the Best Luxury Hotel Spa in the World Luxury Spa Awards award for 2011. Here you can try the treatment and healing ritual with experienced therapists. Care not only to relax the body, but also make you beautiful and make your mind clear again.

4. The Edge Spa

Find out The Edge Spa at Jalan Pura Goa Lempeh Banjar Dinas Kangin, Pecatu, Uluwatu, also in the south of Bali, not far from Jimbaran. The Edge offers a spa with views of the Indian Ocean. Treatments that available here is ranging from caviar to use pearls. Spa place that gives Balinese spa experience was crowned as the Most Innovative Spa of the Year in 2010 by the Asia Spa Magazine.

5. Como Shambhala

If you pass the Gianyar regency, you need to stop at the Como Shambhala at Begawan Banjar, Kelod Melinggih village, Ubud, Bali. Como Shambhala has branches in a number of countries have also opened two branches in Bali. There are various packages on offer ranging from stress management, ayurvedic, self cleaning, rejuvenation and others. Therapists and physicians are provided here, to help you get the right treatment. This place has been award from the World Luxury Spa Awards 2011 as Best Luxury Spa Wellness. With an international reputation Como Shambhala will satisfy you with a variety of spa treatments fit your needs.

6. W Retreat and Spa

Away Spa, that's the name of the spa which located in the W Hotel. Place this spa uses products from the Away spa that uses 100% natural ingredients. In addition to treatment rooms, at Away Spa which open 24 hours and the salon is also no room for detoxify. If you want to detoxify, then you need to Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali, and enjoy the spa at the Away Spa. Seminyak is the most sensational nightlife in Bali, then make sure you visit the spa after a lounge, bar or disco place in this area. Seminyak is not far from the famous Kuta Beach.

7. Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

Fivelements spa, Puri Ahimsa spa, spa in bali, body treatment in bali
                                     The unique spa in Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa. Image:

Fivelements not only offers a spa, but also the process of healing. To package your own beauty, this place offers a package of Beauty Angel Sanctuary. The Beauty treatments are using natural ingredients. For example, cucumber face mask, crystal salt mixed Balinese virgin coconut oil for body scrubs, body scrubs sweet corn to be used, a mixture of aloe Vera and lime for a shower, and others. You can find this spa place in Banjar Baturning, Mambal, Bali.

8. Oazia Spa Villas

Oazia Spa claims to have a holistic care packages ever in Southeast Asia. The spa area also became the only one in Bali which offers Watsu Pool, pool water temperature equal to the temperature of the body. Oazia Spa have been received numerous nominations in Spa Design of the Year in 2010. If you want to enjoy the spa and well Watsu Pool, then you need to Oazia Spa Villas which is located in Jalan Sahadewa Br. Tuesday, Canggu.

9. Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

Maya Ubud, spa resorts, body treatment, spa in bali
Maya Ubud, the fantastic spa resorts in Bali. Image:
Ubud it would pamper spa enthusiasts, and you can try out sensation of a spa in Maya Ubud Resorts & Spa, located in Jalan Gunung Sari Peliatan, Ubud.

Maya Ubud grace won Best Luxury Resort Spa of the World Luxury Spa Awards 2011 offers a variety of care packages. The package is ranging from the simplest package to ease jetlag massage to spa with direct views over the crystal clear river. After that, make sure you enjoy art performances such as Balinese dance and healthy food in a variety of cafes and restaurants that exist in this picturesque village.

10. Kayumanis Private Estates & Spa Ubud

If you want to sample the spa at this place, you can take the package Detox Spa stay for three days and two nights. For two days you will be pampered with a variety of treatments ranging from massages to mud spa cream. Sensation Spa at Kayumanis you definitely will not forget. You can find this unique spa place in the village of Sayan.

If you are concerned with health and natural beauty, then you will take the time to enjoy the enormity of spa, massage and body treatments in this tropical paradise. Holiday to Bali would be complete without enjoying body treatments, spa on an island of heaven. Take time to pamper yourself during your vacation in Bali.



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