Fantastic China

China has a long history. Many interesting stories and fascinating history in the country of origin Panda. The population of China is also the largest in the world.This country is very wide and has art, culture, language and incredible naturalbeauty. You certainly have seen many documentaries or films about China. The beauty of nature in China is fantastic.

Imelda and her husband in Great Wall
China is not just Kung Fu and Chinese food. Have you ever been to China and enjoy authentic Chinese food? Visiting the Shaolin monastery is certainly very interesting because we can see the original Kung Fu exercises. Is Kung Fu movements at the monastery was the same as in the films of Bruce Lee, Jet Li or Jackie Chan?

My Friends from Prudential in Forbidden City

China is a fascinating country. You've heard of The Great Wall, Summer Palace,Tiananmen Square, Bird's Nest Stadium and the Forbidden City in Beijing. All these places have a magnetic appeal to many people to come to China. However, not only in Beijing, a number of other cities or villages in China had a lot of beautiful places to visit.

In Shanghai, you can visit the Jade Buddha Temple. Many people say to remember the pictures taken at the side of the Bund against the background of The Oriental Tower is phenomenal. If you love shopping, come to Huang Miau Market.

Different experiences will you feel when visiting Hangzhou is famous for its legend of white snake. In Hangzou you can enjoy the beauty of the river Xihu.You can continue to see the uniqueness of Leifeng Pagoda and the Tea Garden.

If you have a lot of time, remember to go to Guilin. Here you can enjoy the superb views, stalactite and stalagmite. You can also see Elephan Trunk Hill,the icon of the city of Guilin.

Jefri in Shenzhen
When you are in China, you can go to Shenzhen and visit the Window of the World presents a variety of countries in miniature like Madurodam in Holand.

 If you are fond of historical stories, you should visit the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and enjoy a dance performance of traditional dance in Chinese Folk Culture Village.

A vacation to China is a dream of many people when they are planning a vacation to Asia. I am too. I've seen pieces of Chinese culture in Singapore, but the visit to China or Taiwan in the future is different from than the atmosphere of China Town in Singapore or Sydney, Australia. My friends who have gone to China all suggest me to go to China. What about you?