Holiday in Singapore

holiday in china town singapore, dinner in china town
Me, with my husband in Chinatown
My favorite vacation spot is Bali, but I am fortunate to have been on holiday to Prague, Germany, Thailand and Malaysia. Since my son got a scholarship from the Chamber of Commerce Singapore, my husband and I often go to Singapore to see Putu Agung, our son. Normally we go along with the other parents whose sons and daughters also got the same scholarship program with our son.

We take advantage of a visit to Singapore to enjoy the atmosphere of the town is the famous lion with a variety of attractions such as Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Merlion Park, Singapore zoo, and a few other places. Of course, we certainly enjoy shopping in Orchard Road. The street is famous for its rows of department stores, food court and a variety of restaurants and luxury hotels.

In the area of ​​Orchard Road dazzled eyes you can see a variety of luxury clothing, handbags high-class, digital cameras and so on. If you a lot of money, then you will be satisfied shopping at Orchard Road.

If you go on vacation to Singapore, remember enjoying Chinatown. In this area you can dine and bought souvenirs. The food in Chinatown is very tempting. The food here is not always expensive, because you can choose to eat in the restaurant and food stalls. Eating here is very enjoyable when with friends and family.
marina bay sand, holiday in Singapore

From iconic Merlion Park, you can see the glamorous Marina Bay Sands. Image:

Me with my son, my husband and friends in front of Hindu Temple, Bugis Junction, Singapore

Our family and friends also enjoy the show "Songs of the Sea 'in Sentosa Island, a musical drama with the appearance of the laser beam and multi-media are very interesting.

                                                                                   Me with family and friends in Sentosa Island, Singapore
holiday in sentosa island, singapore tour, song of the sea A mix of hotels, apartments and office buildings along Orchard Road made ​​famous Singapore. Pedestrians are very spoiled, provided some seating, so if you feel tired after a browse fashion shops, you can sit for a moment while enjoying ice pieces in various flavors. After you feel fresh and more strong you can go back into the mall the other, you might want to buy jewelry or luxury watches. Shopping in Singapore usually can do reimburse discounts and value added tax at Changi airport before boarding.

Singapore is a shopping paradise for anyone, especially women, fans of cutting-edge fashion. Almost all world famous brands you can buy in the city. Singapore is one country that is strongly opposed to the entry of counterfeit or pirated products. If you want to buy a copy of the famous handbags or replica watches of famous brands, then you will be disappointed. According to many people, then you can get a counterfeit or pirated product in Hong Kong, Bangkok or in China.
Singapore is also suitable visited by children and teenagers who want to add to the experience and knowledge and history. In this small island you can visit the zoo, botanical gardens, heritage area such as East Coast, libraries and museums.

People in Singapore are very proud of the comfort of their public transport such as city buses, taxis and trains. When you arrive in Singapore, then from the airport you are able to utilize the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) train is very modern, fast and comfortable. MRT is an integrated transport buses and trains. Almost all places in this country is connected to the MRT, so they do not need to use private cars every day, maybe even better not required to buy a car.
 The Singapore Government and private companies are very creative to develop tourism. Culture and art of Chinese descent, Malay, Indian, and Western and so on can be combined very well in this country. You will see and can feel a variety of foods from different cultures. You do not need to bother with language, since independence, the English used as the official language, so you do not have to use language confused the Chinese, Indian or Malay. Singapore is a fantastic tourist destination. You need to visit Singapore at least once in your lifetime.