Paris city of Love

Paris capital of France is a very popular holiday destination in Europe. There are Many films and novels that make Paris as part of the story, also songs and poems about Paris.

Elys and her family in Paris
Paris is a romantic city, so a lot of newlyweds choose Paris as a place to honeymoon. Paris is also the world center of fashion, cafe and perfume.

My friends have a lot to Paris. They advised me to visit scenic spots and historic places in Paris and its surroundings. Of course, Paris is also famous for its shops selling clothes, bags, and other well-known products. Any woman would love shopping for designer goods in Paris.

Some places are famous in France, among others:

Eiffel Tower would not be missed because of the beautiful Eiffel Tower is an icon of Paris. The tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel. My friend here says you can feel the two different views with an object. Eiffel Tower can provide a completely different scene in the morning and evening. In the bright morning you can feel the views of the Eiffel 
with blue sky. 

You can try sitting on green grass covered with white clouds, while at night the Eiffel Tower offers a magical atmosphere with the lights that illuminate every part of the Eiffel tower contrasting with the dark atmosphere of the night. You could also try a romantic dinner in the restaurant which is located in the Eiffel tower. It's just Like in the movies right?
You also need to visit Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral with a gothic design.  This cathedral was the place to witness big events such as the Coronation of Henry VI and Napoleon I. Cathedral has a beautiful interior. You can find the beautiful Rose windows, statues and paintings that tell the story of the Bible.

Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe monument with historical values ​​is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. In addition to historical value, this monument also offers a fantastic view with the form of statues and carvings are filled with elements of art ads to the beauty of this monument.

Chateau de Versailles is one of the historic buildings of the most visited in France. Is home to the royal government and Paris until the French revolution.The building is still attached to elements of a typical building of Europe. With a wide range of paintings on the walls and ceiling are increasingly add value to the beauty of the building. Besides enjoying the beauty in the Chateau, you can also enjoy a stroll in the park with your partner beautifully landscaped. And certainly inherent in this palace is magnificent and very large! 

If you are a fan of museums, so remember to visit The National Museum of France. The museum has various collections of art are worth a look. Is the most visited museum in Paris. You can see more than 380,000 art objects, the collection consists of: Ancient Egypt,  Greece, Rome, Etruscan art, Ancient Oriental art, Islamic art, Paintings, Sculptures, Graphic arts. Including the Monalisa painting works of Leonardo da Vinci could you see here. You could also feel the moment to shop in the basement. Saturated with shopping? Want to spend a wonderful evening with the one you love? Do not worry ... You can try the Central Park of the most beautiful in Paris, Les Tuileries! The park is located not far from the Louvre Museum.

There's another old church that should not be forgotten, The Basilique Sacré-Cœur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart). 
This church is a Catholic church located on the second highest point in Paris after the Eiffel tower. In courtyard of the church visitors can see the city of Paris from abobe. The Eiffel Tower can bee seen from here. Wow...

 Not only is the  outside the church that looks spectacular, the view inside of the church is also very amazing. The interior of the church is decorated with paintings inspired by the biblical story. One other thing that makes this church is famous, the church bell tower located behind the church, a bell weighing 19 tons and is also the heaviest bell in the world. Can you find a bell like this in other cities?

Paris is a tourist destination that many people dream about when to go to Europe. 
Actually a lot of other places in France are beautiful. Hopefully I can go there on vacation with family and friends. Have you ever been to Paris?