Prague: Gold City

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My holiday in Prague
I was fortunate to have visited Prague several years ago, and had a stop over in Germany. Prague is a beautiful and romantic city. Unfortunately I did not go with my husband. When I was just lucky to get a ticket just because I've got a gift from the company, which is a holiday to Prague with friends who also got a reward for our achievement at the time.

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. In this beautiful city you will see many ancient buildings such as old churches and palaces of the king. Prague Castle is often rebuilt has stood since the 9th century. Several hundred years later began to appear churches, houses, palaces in the Old City area, synagogue, Jewish cemetery in settlement area, and the amazing Charles Bridge, all located along the River Vltava. Now, at the bridge, musicians, artists, and fire-eaters showed their skill.

When you go there, do not miss other attractions, including the Museum of Communism, the astronomical clock in the Old City area, and the Estates Theater where Mozart shows his work, Don Giovanni. You will be very impressed with the beauty of Prague.

historic city in prague, holiday in gold cityGold City is the name for the city of Prague. If we're there, we would say or ask why it is called the golden city over there while I did not find the answer clearly. But after I noticed from the existing buildings, the ancient buildings in this city may be filled with ornaments of gold. Today after world war two, the rest of the existing building we can find it restored.


You will love Prague.
There are many fantastic place in this city.

The city of Prague is currently keen to build the economy. Lots of buildings are renovated or many modern buildings, but older buildings are maintained. I am pleased with the leaders and people still love old buildings, and would preserve the historic heritage. This is one of the uniqueness of the city of Prague.

In the center of Prague, we can see a lot of a shopping center that extends everywhere. Many stores that sell expensive items like designer clothes and bohemian crystal.

prague gold city, vacation in prague
I love snow in Prague
Interesting places of interest in Prague are:

Hradcany / Hradschin

In the area of the hill are a lot of interesting to look at, but we did not get into the building, to look into it we have to pay. Places such as:

Prazsky Hrad (Castle), the main door of the fort was guarded by two
 guards standing upright should not smile. But I saw one guard who smiled too, because so many tourists taking pictures with the guards. Changing of the guard can be seen promptly at12 noon.

Kralovsky Palace (Royal Palace), this palace was built when the nobles Borivoj still live in buildings made of wood. Place of residence is then built according to Powers bohemian tastes.

My friends from Prudential photographed in front of an old building in Prague
Prague has also become a shooting several Hollywood films such as films about espionage. The city is really interesting to be visited by anyone. A lot of beautiful places in Prague like churches, museums and sights of snow during the winter. Although I was on holiday with friends to Prague, I still want to go back there with my husband and children. Definitely more fun.