New Zealand

Holiday in Kiwi Country*)

holiday in new zealand, kiwi country
My husband in New Zealand
I am very fortunate to have been to several countries, either for vacation or because the task of the company. In addition to several European countries charge a few years ago, namely to Germany,Holland, France and England, I had also visited Malaysia and Singapore.

I've lived in Sydney, Australia for one year. There I studied Englishand business courses. When it gets rather long holiday, I went on vacation to New Zealand, specifically to the southern part of Kiwi country, that is to Christchurh.

When you to New Zealand, it will enjoy the panoramic naturalsetting of buildings equipped European-style architecture that can be enjoyed when you are in the city of Christchurch, the largest cityin New Zealand's south island. The country has been renowned worldwide as a tourist who has the beauty of nature.

Throughout the eye could see, the spread of mountains, valleys, rivers, forests and grasslands of contrasting a treat for tourists.Another uniqueness in the winter in New Zealand actually takes place when the summer in Europe.

Christchurch is a city that is not crowded, but the beauty of thegardens seen on the streets dominated by diverse forms. Afterchecking into the hotel, I immediately prepared with winter gear and a camera that could soon see the beauty of this city.
Christchurch New Zealand, tour to new zealand

Christchurch is a city which means the Church of Christ. Therefore as the center of town there is a European-style church that stands firmly with various religious activities. Other attractions are also frequently held at the church. The population of this city of 350,000 people with its national language English.

The temperature in summer reaches 33 degrees Celsius, while in winter 2 degree in Celcius. Abel Janszoon Tasman, Dutch first reached New Zealand, and Captain James Cook was the first European landing in Lyttelton Harbour, Christchurch.

European citizens when it is hunting whales and seals, as well as trade with native tribes Maori. Europe is further spread Christianity. The buildings and gardens in the city of Christchurch shape is almost similar to those in the City of London, which distinguish the size with a lively atmosphere. 

The names of buildings, roads, and gardens are also taken from English or famous figures. The atmosphere of the city is quiet, cozy, yet modern. Therefore many tourists relax enjoying the scenery of this humble town. From a distance looking church with a unique shape.

The city center is known as the Cathedral Square right in front of the church because there are parks that looks almost circular and wide. While on the left, right, and behind the building accompanied by a variety of European architectural style. That afternoon many tourists and residents who mingle around the church.

snow in mount cook, eternal snow in Mount Cook
Delania and her family in New Zealand
I also had time to enjoy the scenery of the Maori this country by train. When I was a group with Japanese tourists. The train that we use is not super-express trains like in Japan or Europe, but I am very happy because in the middle of the trip we were presented with very good food.

I also visited Mount Cook, named after James Cook, the man who invented this country. Many say that the scenery in the mountains in New Zealand is like a mountain in Switzerland. You can also enjoy the beauty of the fjord. The water in the fjord is very clear, so you can see the shadow or reflection of the mountains like a twin. If you are a supporter of the Go Green movement, then you must be very grateful for the ecosystems in New Zealand are generally very well preserved.

Memories that impressed me is when I enjoy flying a small plane with a single-engine propeller blades through the beautiful mountains of Cook with a married couple from Israel.

Other memories are when enjoying a cup of tea and chocolate cake at a cafe near the old Christchurch.

I want to return to New Zealand someday so I can see the location of the movie trilogy Lord of the Rings in Quenstown. It must be very exciting. I also want to visit the capital of New Zealand which is situated on the island north of this beautiful country. Hope to see you in New Zealand.

*) This post is a holiday story of my husband and my best friend.