From Russia with love, and the most unique historic holiday

Bolshoi theater, Europe, Gorky Park, holiday, Moscow, Red Square, Russia, From Russia With Love, James Bond 007, Holiday in Russia
If you remembered the cold war or the famous novel, Dr. Zhivago, then you surely remember with Russia, as well as a variety of espionage story involving the KGB, CIA or MI6. And, of course, the story of a secret agent of the British Empire, James Bond 007 with a license to kill.

Bolshoi theater, Europe, Gorky Park, holiday, Moscow, Red Square, Russia, From Russia With Love, James Bond 007, Holiday in Russia
Holman and his wife in Red Square

                                                    The famous story of Ian Fleming novel that has been filmed is From Russia With Love, starring burly, Sean Connery. The condition of Russian politics and society today is different from Russia in the days of the USSR or the Soviet Union era, however Russia still has many fantastic cities, beautiful and historic places. Once people go to Paris or Vienna, there are interesting places in Europe other than Switzerland or Spain, then Moscow and St.Petersburg are the choice of the tourists as a holiday destination from around the world.

 Red Square

This is the town square plaza where all Moscow residents conducted activities, ranging ceremonies, carnival, streets and there are many teenegers of this city hangout with their friends. 
Almost all the attractions in the city of Moscow around Red Square.

These field-storey stone building and is surrounded by buildings is no less famous than Red Square with Lenin Mussoleum example, St. Basil Cathedral, Kremlin State Palace where the president of Russia to work and various other historic buildings and also the grave or the ashes of the Russian famous people. 
Not far from here we can find the Bolshoi Theater, KGB Building, Gorky Park and others.

The name Red Square based on the color of the bricks on the walls and buildings surrounding the square, then linked well with the red color of the ruling communists in the Soviet Union era. However, there is also a saying derived from the word красная (Krasnaya) which means "Red" or "Beautiful", to describe the beauty of St. Basil which is also located on the edge of the red field.

St. Basil's Cathedral

This is the former cathedral building that is now known as the identity of Moscow city. The building is not very big and very narrow space inside and is actually better suited as a cathedral said to be private because it can address only a few people, though composed of nine small room. Created during the reign of Ivan the IV or better known as Ivan the terible between the years 1555 to 1561. According to legend, the architect of this cathedral, Postnik Yakovlev eyes blinded or gouged by Ivan The terible so can not see the results of his work and make a kind of a bigger building anymore.

Kremlin Wall (Kitay Gorod Wall)

Actually, the Kremlin, including Red Square and inside the historic building is located within an ancient fortress. Embryo is flanked by the Moscow city Moscow and the Volga river and is also covered by a fortress wall of ancient beginning is made of wood and is expected to be made in the year 1156. After the army crushed the Tartar Mongols in 1238, the fortress is reinforced with a sturdy oak. In 1365 returned fire and finally destroyed in the late 15th century, was restored to its present form we can see.

St Petersburg

Bolshoi theater, Europe, Gorky Park, holiday, Moscow, Red Square, Russia, From Russia With Love, James Bond 007, Holiday in Russia
Christian and his wife in St. Petersburg
The beautiful city of St Petersburg and flavor of high art. Many buildings are protected by UNESCO so that the city is arguably still maintain the authenticity and beauty of buildings and landscapes. Many buildings of worship different religions including Islam, Hinduism and Christianity, but it is clear that most of the Christian churches of various streams such as the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran or other flow stream and there is also Synagog Jews. That is, not true that religious life is prohibited in both today's Russia and the communist era a few years ago. The truth is the antique buildings protected by UNESCO and is now only used as a tourist attraction only, or no longer used for worship.Instead forbidden to worship.

Winter Palace

Bolshoi theater, Europe, Gorky Park, holiday, Moscow, Red Square, Russia, From Russia With Love, James Bond 007, Holiday in Russia
Peter and Paul Fortress
Winter palace was the official residence of the Tsar Russia. In this palace of Russian history was formed, including the story of the massacre story that is often referred to as Bloody Sunday of 1905 at which time it's happened a massive peaceful demonstration against Tsar Nicholas II. Demonstran want to submit petitions directly to the Tsar, but faced with a weapon by a palace guard.The number of victims who say there are about 4000 people, but official recognition of the ruler only 99 people. October Revolution in 1917 also occurred in this place. This very spacious courtyard and called the Palace Square.

Hermitage Musseum

This is the inside of the Tsar's palace complex - Winter Palace and other palaces palace next door. Currently the country has been converted into a museum and is included in one of the oldest museums built by Catherine the Great in 1764 and opened to the public in 1852. Gold strewn everywhere, ranging from doors, walls, pillars and ceiling until the furniture and all furniture palace. 
It is conceivable, how wealthy Tsarist Russia at the time.

Peter And Paul Fortress
This is the genuine part of the  St. Petersburg, is not so wide and surrounded by the river of Neva and the impregnable fortress for the defense. Inside the fortress is like a city, we can see a church with a dome, pointed and soaring upward with a striking gold color.
This place has also been used as a political prison in 1720. The most striking is the Peter and Paul Cathedral and the burial tombs of the Tsar Russia.

There are still many beautiful cities and places can be visited in Russia. If you are an artist or writer, Russia would be a very interesting part of the novel or movie. 

Russia is unique because of the arts, culture and history. Russia is definitely interesting to visit.

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