Vacation with Star Cruise

I was on the Star Cruise

Me and my friends had an experience that will not be forgotten, because we were given award by Prudential Life Assurance, a cruise tour.

We sailed from Vivo City, Singapore. We stopped in Malaysia and Thailand. 

Onboard Entertainment. Image:
The yacht is very luxurious, 5-star class facilities, even though I do not gamble at the casino, because I do not like gambling.
Casinos in “Star Cruise” are open 24 hours a day. There are some friends who tried their luck in the casino. Was predictable, they do not become millionaires after spending a few hundred dollars at the casino, but they were happy.

The restaurant and bar on a cruise ship is open 24 hours. It's very fantastic because you can enjoy fancy meal such as seafood, steak, Chinese food, ice cream, European food, champagne, wine and all kinds of the most delicious cookies also available.

  There are plenty of onboard entertainment for adult passengers and kids such as cabaret, games, swimming pool, live music, amusement center for kids and many more. You can enjoy all of them if you have a lot of energy.  

The good news is we were given money 100 Singapore dollars by Prudential for extra pocket money. Wow ...
When we docked in Malaysia and Bangkok we were given a coupon for a meal during a walk in Penang, Malaysia and Phuket, Thailand.
Travelling on a cruise with friends is very enjoyable. There are many interesting activities that can be done along the way.
Me (Left) with friends

When stopped at Penang and Phuket, 
We can enjoy the scenery and the local arts. We also used the time to buy souvenirs, enjoy local and international food.
If we holiday abroad we will get the new horizons of foreign language, religion, traditions, arts, food and cultural event. This will enhance our knowledege and understanding, so we can respect other country traditions.
Cultural differences were very beautiful and can enrich our lives all the time.

 I really enjoyed the trip, hopefully someday be able to sail with the family so that our children get to experience as a sailor, but I  wanted to try a cruise from Bali to Nusa Penida and Lombok Island. According to many people, a cruise on the waters of Bali to Nusa Penida and Lombok is very beautiful. I want to repeat a honeymoon with my husband. Hopefully our dream is realized in the near future.



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